Supreme Court

Supreme Court

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We lived in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsyvania for a few years, right next to the State Capitol building. It's reported that in 1906 President Roosevelt claimed this building as "the handsomest building" he'd ever seen. The art and architecture that make up the Capitol building are awe-inspiring.

One of the very prettiest elements in the building is the ceiling of the Supreme Court chambers. The grand stained glass dome window in the center of the ceiling catches my breath.

This tam design is inspired by that incredibly beautiful historical architecture.

Printed Pattern - high-quality color pattern.

Downloadable Pattern - digital high-quality color pattern in pdf format. Download link will be made available after checkout and emailed.

Kit - includes a high quality printed pattern and ample quantities of fingering weight wool to complete the project.

Yarn Pack - provides ample quantities of fingering weight wool to complete the hat, but does not include the pattern. Great if you already have the pattern.

Finished Hat - depending on the stock we have on hand, finished hats may need to be hand knit before being shipped to you. Feel free to contact us through the  Contact Us  option to verify availability.

 Options vary by design

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